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Humor is the greatest ice-breaker. It can bring people together, cross cultural divides and help us find our common ground. It can be a hugely powerful tool for marketers that can help us not only reach our audiences, but persuade them to share our message.

The brand videos have all gone viral, and they all use humor in different ways. Some take a very commonplace theme and use humor to make it into something special that people want to share. Some are sheer entertainment, and some cleverly look at a serious message through the humor lens.

Humor connects us, and these videos are a masterclass in how to use humor to give your marketing that extra spice. Continue Reading »

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tumblrTumblr is blogging with a difference. Its format encourages short, snappy, informal posts, which are categorized by photos, text, links, audio, video, quote and chat. It sits somewhere between Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and more traditional blogging with posts that are easily-shared and go viral quickly. Tumblr hosts almost 100 million blogs with 42 billion posts, so it’s well worth getting involved in the community. More and more brands, as well as small businesses, recognize the power of Tumblr in both reach and simplicity of use.

The ten tips below will help you re-think the way you share information. Continue Reading »

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This month Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and co-founder of Facebook, a $155B company, turned 30. Happy birthday, Mark!


Over the past 10 years, as he was building the largest global social network, Zuck had a lot of supporters, as well as critics. But whether you love him or you hate him, the fact remains that this college dropout has built something that only a few on the planet had the privilege to build. But what’s most fascinating is how he did it. Continue Reading »

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This month Mark Zuckerberg turned 30 years old. Congratulations are in order, for both the notable personal milestone and for what Facebook’s co-founder and CEO was able to build in his twenties.

Love him, or hate him, there is a reason why Zuckerberg is the 26th wealthiest person in the world (and youngest of top 150, no less). The guy has a very clear purpose: to connect people and make the world more open; he has a unique vision, which helped Facebook soar higher than any other social network in the world; and, most importantly, he has guts.

Zuck doesn’t make small bets. He never makes safe bets either, all his bets are bold (some are really bold).  Expanding beyond colleges, launching the News Feed, announcing Facebook as a platform, buying Instagram and then WhatsApp, the list goes on… None of these moves were safe, and most were labeled as “moronic” by the industry and even some of his peers. Zuck never wavers. Continue Reading »

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