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kayWe are all builders. We are all innovators. I refuse to think otherwise.

When we grow up we are taught that innovation is something special. To be an entrepreneur, you somehow have to be different. Being an entrepreneur and an innovator, they say, requires a particular approach, personality, training, the list goes on. I think this is wrong! It is my sincere belief that we are all entrepreneurs. Even those who work for large organizations can impact true change, they are intrapreneurs. All it takes is passion, curiosity, and strong desire to make even a small impact on the world.

No person is the same. No approach is the same. No view of the world is exactly the same. We need to trust our own personal lens of the world. And no matter what others think, pursue our dreams. That is what brings change and transformation.

It is my hope that these 33 quotes will inspire your inner entrepreneur / intrapreneur: Continue Reading »

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brand-loyaltyWith the vast amounts of data about your customers available to you thanks to today’s technology, and the multiple ways of reaching out to them, there’s no excuse any more for not going that extra mile. Brands are able to anticipate buying habits, respond in real time to comments, track location-based information, and be available 24/7 – so why are so many customer loyalty schemes lagging behind these technological advancements? Let’s take a look at how technology, cutting-edge customer feedback and just plain old attitude shape some of the most innovative approaches to customer loyalty around today.

1. Build loyalty into the fabric of your company

We can’t even begin to think about customer loyalty without Zappos coming to mind. This online shopping company has built themselves into a hugely successful brand by making customer service their number one USP. As they say on their website: “Customer service isn’t just a department!” Continue Reading »

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pinterest b2bLet’s face it: business can be tough, especially when you’re selling to other businesses. So having a bit of fun, and letting your personality shine through, should be an important part of what you do.

Pinterest is a great way of doing exactly that. Essentially, it’s a pin-boarding site where members share their favorite images and photos, grouped around themes. It’s also second only to Facebook for driving referral traffic to websites. It’s a powerful social media tool and there’s no reason why B2B businesses and brands can’t grab a slice of the action.

1. Something for everyone

Behind every B2B business or brand is often a large group of decision makers. They’re deciding which direction to take their company, when to expand, where to expand and so on. While all aiming for the same end goal, each individual will have different requirements and beliefs.

Pinterest is uniquely placed to grab the attention of a variety of people. By creating different boards, you can reach out to everyone, from a designer to a buyer. GE has a fantastic page; boards such as the ‘Art of Innovation’ show its quirky side, while ‘From the Factory Floor’ shows technical information. Continue Reading »

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blue angelsTo build a culture of innovation, excellence, and action you need to inspire people, bring them together around a shared mission, give them a sense of purpose.

For centuries different tribes, teams, and organizations came up with mantras and slogans that motivated, elevated, and inspired: sports teams, military groups, non-profits, businesses… These mantras led people and helped shape internal culture.

Here are some of my favorite ones that you might want to adopt within your company:

All it takes is all you’ve got

Used by sports teams, this mantra should be at the heart of every organization. Passion drives everything. It creates positive energy. It motivates. It is contagious. Passion gives life to creativity and innovation, because only when people are passionate about something, they can come up with creative solutions, give their all, and drive transformative change. Continue Reading »

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Speech bubble made with people iconsWith the rise of social media, blogging, image-sharing and the 24/7 access to the online sphere, consumers are filling the internet with information about brands and product experiences. The opinions of users have now become so important for customers that according to Nielsen, 92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising. Review sites and niche blogs have brought specific user information to the fingertips of potential buyers, while traditional media revenues are declining in importance.

So as a brand, are you going to fight against user-generated content with lawsuits and copyright, or are you going to embrace the changes and the marketing potential they provide?

1. Endorse bloggers and reward their loyalty

Tool company Fiskars has their very own community of endorsed Fiskateers, who blog about and share crafting ideas and tips. There are now several thousand Fiskateers who meet regularly at community events, and the most engaged and passionate members are honored at special parties and gatherings.

This sort of community building strengthens brand loyalty enormously, but it can also be used to create content to reach a wider audience. Walmart Moms is a group of endorsed bloggers who write about home and lifestyle topics and have a large following. While these Moms have a wide sphere of influence, it is important to note that they were already passionate about Walmart’s products and are volunteers, and so choosing them to represent the brand feels more authentic than paying for a celebrity endorsement. In return they get access to new lines and products, as well as gaining a wide readership for their blog. Continue Reading »

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